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The DH Lawrence Society is based in Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, where Lawrence was born in 1885.

We aim to promote knowledge and understanding of the life and work of DH Lawrence, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.

The society aims to be as accessible as possible, our monthly bulletins and previous journals are available to all via our website. Meetings are recorded and freely available via our YouTube and SoundCloud channels. We encourage you to join the society to support our work and be part of a friendly, local and world wide community of Lawrencians. Each year we hold monthly meetings, a poetry day and the DH Lawrence Festival which takes place around Lawrence's birthday on the 11th September. Members also receive a printed edition of our annual journal.

The Lawrence London Group, convened by Catherine Brown, vice-president of the DH Lawrence Society, meets monthly in central London in order to discuss Lawrence’s works, in particular in their application to the present. 

D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence is perhaps best known today as a novelist and the author of Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. However, many are also aware of Lawrence’s extraordinary achievements in other artistic forms, such as poetry, the short story, drama, travel writing, philosophy, journalism, painting, literary criticism and letter writing. His international reputation has been recognised and enhanced by the monumental Cambridge University Press edition of his works and letters. The three-volume Cambridge biography is a testament to how much he achieved in his short life of forty four years; it tells the fascinating story of the development of his work, his extensive travels, and his struggle with the establishment and the censors.

Now is the time to reappraise Lawrence’s significance as a pioneer in describing relationships between the sexes, his unsurpassed descriptions of nature, and his importance as a communicator on environmental issues; he was ahead of his time in so many ways.



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